Monsters University Collector’s Edition Combo Pack

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The prequel to the popular film Monsters, Inc. arrives on Blu-ray and DVD with even more entertainment. The Monsters University Collector’s Edition includes a Blu-ray disc, a DVD disc, a disc filled with bonus content, and a Digital Copy.


Monsters University is the story of the beginning of the lifelong friendship between Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) is a little guy with big ambitions. His main goal in life is to be a scarer. Sully (voiced by John Goodman) is not really into academics and just wants to have fun in college. They clash at almost every turn but in the end they become the best of friends. Hey- I’m not giving anything away by telling you that because this is the prequel to their story, which you already know.


The bonus disc is filled with great featurettes which give viewers an inside look at how a film is made at Pixar, and takes viewers through all the aspects of animation film making. For anyone who has desires to work as an animator or work at the incredible Pixar studios, this shows what it’s really like. It looks like a lot of fun, and it is, but it’s also a lot of work. The intricacies involved in creating a first-rate animated film are remarkable.


The main point that comes through in all the featurettes about working at Pixar is the fact that they are a team. Teamwork is number one. The featurettes cover campus life at Pixar, story evolution, creating teamwork through their own scare games, creating the hundreds of monsters in the film using basically five types of bodies, building Monsters U, scaring tactics, and how color and lighting creates the final story on screen.


Besides the many aspects of life at Pixar, there is a little feature about how many of the folks there began their careers and finally ended up at Pixar. It’s a place people aspire to work, but it isn’t always an easy road getting there.


There are also deleted scenes. My favorite is the storyboarded scene in which Mike and Sully meet in fourth grade (referenced in the original film). This is a cute little scene with the two young monsters, but never made it into the movie.



Rivalry – Monsters University BTS on Disney Video



A really cool bonus is a visual flythrough of the sets in the film. It’s amazing when looking at this how real the scenery looks. It looks like a National Geographic aerial documentary of Monsters University.

A featurette about scoring the film with musician/composer Randy Newman displays the talent of not only the man himself but also all the musicians involved in the scoring session. Without music, the movie would not be as entertaining as it is. Music makes all the difference in a film, and watching the musicians work is a special treat.

There are even more additional features, include a TV ad for Monsters University, plus there is the cute short “The Blue Umbrella” which played in theaters prior to the film. The bonus features are fun to watch, but the movie is the main highlight of the combo pack.


Monsters University is rated G. It’s a great family film.


Blue Umbrella Opening Clip – Monsters University Short on Disney Video



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