Luke Wilson returns in ‘Stargirl’

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The CW’s Stargirl returns to the CW for a new season. Actor Luke Wilson and the cast met with the media to discuss the show.

“It is interesting to think that when I was a kid, it was just Superman and The Incredible Hulk and, like, the Hall of Justice on Saturday morning,” Wilson said about the influx of superheroes in TV and films. “But now it’s like, hey, every time you turn around, you’re meeting a new superhero, which is great.” For Luke this show is a new experience in his long career. “I’ve done westerns and romantic comedies and comedies and played a policeman. But I’d never gotten to do a superhero show.”

Luke’s brother Owen is on a Marvel show and Luke’s DC series brings both Wilsons into the superhero comic genre.

“It was funny for me to be working for DC and doing a superhero show and then Owen was playing this character, Mobius, on ‘Loki.’ I know that he really enjoyed working on that. And like me, he had not worked on a superhero project and had not worked on a show before.”

The brothers shared a house while they were filming their respective shows, which coincidentally happened to be on location in the same city. “It really was fun to live together. We hadn’t done that in a long time. I mean, we see each other all the time. But yeah. To be on location in the same town living in the same house was really fun.”

It is evident that this experience has been a great one for the actor in many ways. Besides being part of the comic/superhero world, Wilson has enjoyed the camaraderie with the cast and crew. He is proud that everything came together well and the cast has become a family unto itself. Even though he has been acting for over 25 years, being on Stargirl has impacted him more than he imagined. “It’s become probably my most favorite thing that I’ve ever been involved with.”

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