‘Love, Weddings & Other Disasters’ comes to Blu-ray

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The amazing cast makes Love, Weddings & Other Disasters enjoyable. While the story is a bit far fetched, the cast is wonderful. With stars like Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons, how could it not be?

The opening scene is a great way to start this story. Jessie (Maggie Grace) is a free spirit and takes her boyfriend skydiving, but he chickens out. Well, it just gets funnier after that. Coincidentally, Grace also went skydiving in another film, The Jane Austen Book Club, in 2007.

Back on the ground, Jessie becomes a professional wedding planner and is hired by a couple to plan their perfect day  – in one week. She has to take over from Lawrence Philips (Irons), the most prestigious planner in the city. Meanwhile, Lawrence is set up on a blind date with Sara (Keaton), and it is literally a blind date. She manages to impress him even though he has a complete OCD personality. Everything for him must be perfect. And Sara’s home is definitely not perfect, but she does not care because she cannot see and is used to it just the way it is.

Jessie hires Mack (Diego Boneta) and a handful of street musicians to play at the wedding. Did I forget to mention that the wedding is for the probable next mayor of the city? Jessie feels the pressure but manages to get things done.

During all this time, a duck boat captain (Andrew Bachelor) is searching the city for a woman who was on one of his tours. He has fallen in love with her even though he does not know her name or anything about her.

Now, add to the mix a couple from a local game show. This show chains two strangers together and the last couple to keep the chains and win the affection of the viewers wins one million dollars. Talk about whacky.

This group of zany characters manages to tie together all of their stories in this madcap look at love and marriage. Also, disasters!

The bonus feature is a look at how the movie came to be and the making of this screwball rom-com.

Love, Weddings & Other Disasters is rated PG-13 for crude sexual material and some strong language.

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