‘Love Story’ turns 50

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It’s hard for many of us to believe that the classic movie Love Story is now 50 years old. This is the film that catapulted Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw into superstardom at the time. They were each nominated for Academy Awards for their rolls and Francis Lai won an Oscar for “Best Music, Original Score.” The theme song has been covered by the best singers in the world and is still a favorite among music lovers.

This is the story of Oliver (O’Neal), a rich prep-school graduate at Harvard. He meets Jenny (MacGraw), a girl from a poor family attending Radcliffe. They come from opposite backgrounds but manage to forge a relationship based on true love. Their love is stronger than his parents’ disapproval. But Jenny’s father is happy that his daughter has found her true love.

Their love leads to marriage and because of his disapproval, Oliver’s father disinherits his son. So it is up to Jenny and Oliver to make it on their own, which they are happy to do. As long as they are together they will be all right. With Oliver’s studies at Law School and his jobs and Jenny’s jobs, they eke out their survival but they are happy. Even though it means they must survive on peanut butter, they are ecstatic. They are in love.

They endure the tough years and make it through, only to face a heartbreaking crisis. They face it together.

Do not forget to have some tissues handy when you watch this movie. It is filled with love, hope, enjoyment, music, and heartbreak.

Although the movie was only awarded the one Oscar, it won many Golden Globes, including the award for “Best Motion Picture – Drama.” Erich Segal wrote a lasting love story that is still enjoyed after 50 years. It stands the test of time. The movie is both enchanting and tragic. Like Romeo and Juliet, Oliver and Jenny face tragedy but their love endures. The phrase “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” was common after the film was seen by millions of viewers. Yes, it is corny, but it was at the heart of the story.

There is a new bonus feature on this Paramount Presents Blu-ray with film critic Leonard Maltin discussing the movie. This newly restored version is a limited edition and a stunning and memorable addition to movie collectors. Love Story is rated PG for language and a love scene. It’s not for kids, but teens and older will thoroughly enjoy viewing the story of the love of Jenny and Oliver.

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