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landhoLand Ho! is a story of two sixty-something men who are trying to find their place in life after they both retire and find themselves alone. Earl Lynn Nelson is Mitch, and Paul Eenhoorn is Colin, two seniors who had at one time been married to sisters. Mitch’s wife left him and Colin’s wife passed away. Now the two take off on a trip to Iceland to get their mojo back.


“I came up with the idea in January 2013 as I was planning my Iceland trip,” says filmmaker Martha Stevens. “We wrote the script for them, with these two men’s voices in mind. I’ve known Earl Lynn my whole life, so I definitely have an ear for the way he talks and thinks.”


Mitch is a raunchy, sex-obsessed man. Yet he has a heart of gold. He has been forced to retire and now wonders what to do with himself. And Colin, well, Colin is on his own and yearning for a romantic relationship with a woman with whom he can have nice conversation and companionship. He’s a sweet man with a great smile. The two men embark on this trip to get their groove back. Getting out of their respective ruts is what they both need, and why not do it with a trip to Iceland?


“I felt like I was shooting Die Hard 4,” said Eenhoorn. “I was always cold, muscles pretty tight, never really warmed up. It was mentally tough too. It looks like it was bloody fun, but it was really concentrated hard work for both me and Earl Lynn.”


While in Iceland, the two men tour the country and try to figure out what they need to do and what they want out of the next phase of their lives.


Land Ho! is a raunchy, oftentimes comedic story of the golden age of life. It’s pretty slow-paced and not a film that will appeal to general audiences. It is more of an eclectic film delving into the hearts and minds of these two men as they converse and set the foundation for getting their mojo back.


Land Ho! is not for kids. It’s rated R for some language, sexual references and drug use.


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