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Lady Wadsworth (Judy Greer) was killed in 1875 but her spirit still resides in her antebellum house in Savannah, Georgia. Just why is she still there? Lady of the Manor is the story of two women who forge an unlikely friendship.

Today’s world is much different than that of the time of Lady Wadsworth. But her spirit has managed to keep up, albeit hesitantly, with the times. The Wadsworth Manor is a tourist site hosted by Lady Wadsworth impersonators who guide guests through the house and impart information about the past.

Hannah (Melanie Lynskey) is a drug courier and user and her language is straight from the gutter. So when she is hired to be the new guide at the manor, she is out of her depth. She doesn’t learn the literature and makes up stories about Lady Wadsworth and the house as she takes tourists through the residence. This doesn’t upset Tanner Wadsworth (Ryan Phillippe) who is only concerned about getting her into bed. His family oversees the property.

Lady Wadsworth and Hannah make a deal. Hannah can stay as long as she learns how to be a proper lady. Turning this rather trashy woman into a lady would make Henry Higgins cringe. But Hannah does try.

Max (Justin Long) is a college professor who takes Hannah under his wing when she discloses that the spirit of Lady Wadsworth is haunting the house. His knowledge about history and the Old South helps her and although he is fascinated by the presence of a traditional Southern Belle, his interest in Hannah is even more appealing.

As Hannah learns – or attempts to learn – how to be a proper lady, she faces some personal issues and realizes exactly what her role in this whole dilemma really is.

While the lady smooths some of Hannah’s rough edges, Hannah’s playfulness rubs off on her – just a little bit. And the friendship between the two women – or between a modern woman and a spirit that is over 140 years old – is the crux of this story.

This is not for young kids. Lady of the Manor is rated R for language throughout, sexual material, and drug use. It’s available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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