James Garner in ‘Support Your Local Sheriff’

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Legendary actor James Garner is both entertaining and adorable in this 1969 western comedy. Support Your Local Sheriff is filled with wit, wackiness, and a lot of fun. It’s now available on Blu-ray.

Garner is Jason McCullough, a man passing through town “on his way to Australia” but heard about gold being discovered in this little Western town. He’s smart, witty, and cunning. To pay for his stay in the town, he takes the job as the sheriff. It comes with room and board from the mayor (Harry Morgan) and his daughter Prudy (Joan Hackett).

Prudy is instantly attracted to McCollough but she’s a bit of a klutz. Everything she does ends up embarrassing her. She and her dad own one of the largest gold mines in the town, which is an interesting fact for Jason.

While the new sheriff sets about putting law and order into this town filled with chaos, he doesn’t let anything get in his way, even the Danby family (Walter Brennan, Gene Evans, Dick Peabody) that runs amuck in the lawless town. McCollough is about to put an end to that, however.

While setting the town on the right track of the law, along with his deputy Jake (Jack Elam), Jason also tries to strike gold for himself. After all, that is why he came to the town. The job of sheriff was only to pay for his room and board, although he does take it seriously.

With a jail with no bars on it, McCollough uses his intelligence and quick draw to keep Joe Danby (Bruce Dern) in the cell, which is one of the most comical parts of the film. There’s no one who can rein in this family or for that matter the town, but McCollough is determined to do so.

All the while he is busy putting law back in the lawless town, Prudy is wooing him in her own way. Will McCullough end up taming this town and will he get his gold mine? The fastest draw in the town is about to get everything he wants, and the viewers are in for a treat.

Garner is absolutely adorable and even if he isn’t saying anything, his expressions are priceless. This is definitely a fun film.

Support Your Local Sheriff is rated G.

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