James Dean: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

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With a limited edition of 50,000 boxes, the James Dean: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is an extraordinary package and makes a great holiday gift for fans of James Dean, fans of movies, and fans of Hollywood. Included in this set are seven discs, photos of the actor, memorabilia from the studios, and three mini movie posters of the three films Dean made in his short career. Plus, there is a collector’s hardcover book with plenty of photos and information about the actor and his films.

Now, to the nitty gritty parts of this amazing collection – the discs. What is interesting is that James Dean only made three films: East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. Warner Home Entertainment includes all of these films in the package, and they added more discs filled with all things James Dean. A special disc contains the PBS American Masters – James Dean: Sense Memories. Another bonus disc is the documentary James Dean: Forever Young narrated by Martin Sheen. A third bonus disc is the documentary George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey about the director of the epic film Giant. And the final additional disc includes a slew of bonus features from the film Giant, which starred Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson along with James Dean.

The discs containing the three highly-regarded dramatic films also include bonus features and plenty of documentaries so by the time viewers see everything in this phenomenal set, they will know as much about James Dean as anyone can know. This tormented young man died when he was 24, yet he is a legend in Hollywood. Why? Personally, I cannot figure that out, but for those who feel that Dean was a superstar, this is the ultimate collection.

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