‘Instant Karma’ brings out human frailties

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The new movie Instant Karma is the story of one couple who are taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride as they experience the ups and downs of life. It’s part fantasy, part drama, and a bit of comedy.

Jeff (Stew Jetson) is down on his luck. He has just lost his job and hires on as a driver for a car sharing company. His girlfriend Samantha (Samantha Belle) is supportive, most of the time.

Unfortunately, after he began driving for a living, his car broke down. But luckily Sam’s friend is going away for a while and asked her to drive his car to keep the battery from dying. Well, Sam gives the keys to Jeff who is relieved because now he can continue to earn money and pay for the repairs on his car. This is where the story really begins.

Jeff is kind-hearted and gives twenty dollars to a homeless man. He later discovers two hundred dollars on the floor of the car. Then another day he gives the man his lunch and lo and behold, his car is magically filled with bags of food. This keeps happening. Whatever he gives away is returned ten fold.

How can this be happening? When his mother tells him it is instant karma, he begins to believe it. Do good for others and it will come back to you.

But the young couple starts to get greedy. They want more and more. They never seem to be happy with what they have received and devise a plan to turn the money into a million dollars by continually giving away large amounts. Will the karma end?

When they finally discover the root of the magic they realize they must act fast to ensure their profits. But a glitch changes everything and they are in danger of losing everything they received.

This is an interesting premise. The acting is a bit weak however the story shows how a little bit of success can change someone into a greedy person without him or her realizing it.

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