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I.T. is a thriller for our time. With our lives so connected to everything with smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, and smart people, our privacy is a thing of the past and as we have all heard on the news, hackers can get into anywhere. It’s nice to have someone to take care of our technology stuff. I even have my own tech guru. But I know I trust him. Do you trust yours? And more importantly, does Mike Regan (Brosnan) trust his?

Regan is a successful businessman with a growing company, a loving wife (Anna Friel) and teenage daughter (Stephanie Scott). They live in a high-tech house with push buttons for everything. Their smart home is convenient, but as we discover, it’s not safe.

Regan hires Ed (James Frecheville), a tech guru who helps him out of a difficult situation at work. When he sees how competent this man is with technology, he asks him to come to his house on the weekend to make things work better. Well, Ed not only comes to his house and makes things work better and faster, but he begins to insinuate himself into the Regan family. He sets his sights on Mike’s daughter. Stalking the family becomes his past time. And little do they know that Ed now has control over every aspect of their technical lives, including their car, house, phones, and computers.

When Mike realizes what is happening, he fires Ed and tells him to leave them alone. Under normal circumstances that would be the end of it. But Ed is not normal. This is a mentally disturbed man who then starts a war with Mike and the family. How dare they treat him like that.

Ed takes control of their email and phones and sends out alarming messages. But that is just the beginning. He then starts messing with Mike’s business, which is supplying private jets. Could this man actually control them so they “fall out of the sky”?

With Ed causing havoc for the Regan family, he becomes the target of a very irate Mike Regan who must go to the pros for help. This is a dangerous game Ed is playing, but he is also quite intuitive and knows how to get back at this man and the family he thinks did him wrong. All he wanted was to be their friend. Now they have an enemy – a powerful and mentally disturbed enemy.

Technology can be our friend or our enemy. It can make our lives better or worse. Many people find out it is making things worse, and that is what happens to the Regans. Mike tries to frame Ed for all the bad things going on in their lives while Ed is framing Mike for several bad things. Who will come out on top?

There are several holes in this story, but on the whole (no pun intended) it is an interesting film filled with plenty of food for thought. Are we turning our lives over to anyone smart enough to take control? Have we lost all our privacy?

I.T. comes out in theaters and VOD September 23, 2016.

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