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The delightful children’s story is brought to the screen in a beautifully filmed version of the little orphan girl and her beloved grandfather. Johanna Spyril penned the novel in the 1880’s and in 1937 it became a movie starring young Shirley Temple. If that is the only way you know the story, this new version of Heidi will be a real treat. Personally, I like this adaptation better than the Temple film.

When she is dropped off at her grandfather’s mountain cabin, Heidi manages to warm his cold heart. Soon the two are best friends. Heidi and Peter, the local goat herder, become good buddies and Heidi is happy living in the Alps. But she is soon taken by her aunt who moves her to an upscale home in Frankfurt to be the companion of Klara, a young girl confined to a wheelchair. Heidi’s effervescence rubs off on the girl and together they turn the household upside down. But there is something lurking in the back of Heidi’s consciousness. She desperately misses her grandfather and her life in the Alps.

Luckily, Heidi is allowed to return to her grandfather. There she is happy again, although she does miss Klara. But it is here where she belongs and it’s here she will stay.

But that’s not the end of the story. Klara comes to visit, with some interesting results. First, Peter is threatened by Heidi’s friendship with Klara, but soon there is more for them all to experience.

The movie was filmed in Germany and Switzerland. It has been dubbed into English for this DVD. Although the words don’t quite match the mouth movements, that is incidental. The story is definitely a great recommendation for a family movie night.

Heidi won the “Best Children’s Film” at the German Film Awards. The story is a beloved one in Switzerland, where there is actually a “Heidiland” which has become a popular tourist area to soak up the Swiss atmosphere. While it doesn’t have much to do with the story, it does envelope visitors in Heidi’s Alps. Her ever-pleasant attitude and perseverance, combined with her undeterred spirit makes Heidi a character that has been beloved for generations.

Anuk Steffen is delightful to watch as the young girl who keeps a pleasant outlook on life and endears herself to everyone around her.

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