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‘Tis the season for discovering and rediscovering faith. That’s the theme of UP TV’s original holiday movie Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas.


Dax (Drew Lachey) is a boozing, partying, bored rock star living in a lavish apartment in New York City. His manager suggests he spruce up his image by fulfilling the wish of a fan. So, they hold an online contest to select one fan’s wish.


Unbeknownst to Kelly Harding (MacKenzie Porter), her brother Tim entered her in the contest and, lo and be hold, she is the winner. Tim’s wish was that Dax would come to their Midwestern home for a week and sing in the Christmas concert.


When Dax initially experiences the Harding’s life, he is about to go crazy. Kelly’s father is a Reverend and holds Dax to the same house rules as his children. Albeit Kelly is an adult, she still has to observe the house rules, and now so does Dax. With alpacas on the property, no TV in his room, an early curfew, etc., Dax cannot wait to finish his obligation and return to NYC.


Over the course of the week Dax rediscovers his faith in humanity and love. This once critical, jaded, selfish celebrity becomes a loving and caring man.

This is definitely a predictable story, but at the holiday time isn’t that what viewers want? They want to be entertained with the spirit of the season.


Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas premiers Sunday, December 8, 2013 on UP TV.


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