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Guardians of Oz is a cute animated story that takes place after Dorothy and Toto have gone back to Kansas. All the characters of Oz – and some new ones – are together for a new adventure.

Apparently, Glinda was too kind of a witch to let the wicked witch of the west, Eviline, die so she “unmelted” her. To keep her from doing evil again, Glinda transferred all Eviline’s powers to her broomstick and made the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow guardians of it as well as kings of Oz.

The flying monkeys help Evaline to steal back her broom, however a little monkey named Ozzy, grabs it and takes off. Although his father is one of the head monkeys, Ozzy has a mind of his own. He doesn’t want the wicked witch to get her powers back. After she turned his father into a chicken, Ozzy realized she can not be trusted. But how can he help his father turn back into a monkey? Simple. He needs to find Glinda.

Unfortunately when Ozzy finds Glinda, he discovers a young sorceress named Gabby had accidently frozen the good witch. She needs one more ingredient to make her potion to reverse the spell, but she is missing that one item. Ozzy and Gabby join forces to find the ingredient to unfreeze Glinda so she can save his father and all of Oz from the evil witch.

Another glitch in their plan is that Eviline has put a spell on the three kings of Oz and Ozzy has to contend with that as well. He is a cute little guy and with Gabby’s pluckiness they make a great team.

This is a fun and colorful story for kids with characters that will make them laugh out loud. It’s the story of good versus evil and is filled with charm and magic. The two young heroes, especially little Ozzy, will be adored by viewers of all ages.

There are additional features on the disc including a behind-the-scenes look at the story with the cast and filmmakers. Guardians of Oz is rated PG for mild action.

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