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Five years after he captured the hearts of female audiences as hunky Moondoggie in Gidget, James Darren returned to the ocean in another light hearted romantic comedy. For Those Who Think Young also stars Pamela Tiffin, Paul Lynde, Tina Louise, Ellen Burstyn and Bob Denver plus roles for Nancy Sinatra (Frank’s daughter) and Claudia Martin (Dean’s daughter). This film introduced Woody Woodbury, a comic and actor who actually steals this movie.

The premise of the story is a rich playboy named Ding Pruitt (his actual name is Gardner Pruitt III) has his sights set on fellow college student named Sandy Palmer (Tiffin). Sandy is attracted to Ding but just doesn’t trust him. He is, after all, the playboy of the campus.

While Ding is wooing Sandy, her two uncles (Lynde and Woodbury) are working at the local watering hole to pay her tuition. The club is popular with the students however the administration, namely Dr. Pauline Swenson (Burstyn), tries to shut it down. The main benefactor of the college, Burford Sanford Cronin (Robert Middleton) has his personal reasons for getting the club shut down. He does not approve of his grandson, Ding, falling in love with Sandy. He is a snobby man that thinks she is beneath his family.

Unlike Moondoggie, Ding does not sing to his beloved. Darren does sing the title song, “For Those Who Think Love.”  The movie is filled with twists (both in the plot and the dance) and some very funny comedy from Woodbury. While this isn’t the best film of its kind, Woodbury manages to lift it up with his comedy routines. And, let’s face it, Darren was still a top draw for women around the world!

While watching this new Blu-ray from Kino Lorber I though that this might have been what Moondoggie (aka Jeff Matthews) might have been like had he not met Gidget (aka Francie Lawrence). He would have returned to college, continued surfing and wooing women. While Ding (I know, Darren gets stuck with strange nicknames) seems like a low-life, using people for his own pleasure and womanizing, in the end he is a decent, sweet, and kind man.

For Those Who Think Young is not rated however it is suitable for all ages. There is no graphic language or any untoward acts.

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