‘Finding You’ is an emotional journey for the characters

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Based on the young-adult novel There You’ll Find Me, Finding You is a coming-of-age drama weaving together several journeys as the characters grow and evolve during several months. With the Irish landscape as a beautiful –and green – backdrop to the story, the film immerses viewers in the lives of two very different people.

Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid) is an accomplished violinist hoping to attend an elite New York conservatory. Unfortunately, her audition does not go as planned so Finley opts for a “Plan B.” Like her brother before her, Finley decides to take a semester abroad and study in Ireland hoping the change will help her concentrate on her music for one last audition. Her ultimate goal is to get into the music school, but what she discovers is much more during her time abroad.

Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre) is a movie star and heartthrob for young girls. His career has been based on a franchise of medieval fantasy films and his father (Tom Everett Scott) has been instrumental in his social media and public relations. Everything that is put out in the press is a lie, but it has been carefully constructed to raise Beckett’s profile and ultimately his career.

With both Beckett and Finley staying in the same B&B, a friendship begins to grow. But she is skeptical of him and doesn’t fall under his charming spell. That is intriguing to this guy who has young women falling head over heals to get a selfie with the heartthrob.

During this time one of Finley’s school assignments is to get to befriend an elderly – and crotchety – woman. At the end of the semester she is tasked with writing an essay about their relationship. But Finley doesn’t count on Cathleen (Vanessa Redgrave). This woman is not appreciative of having Finley in her room. But Finely perseveres and eventually the two become friends. The secret Cathleen is hiding will be the climax of their relationship.

So there is the budding relationship between Finley and Beckett, the up-and-down relationship between Finley and Cathleen, and Beckett’s growing frustration about having his life structured by his father and not being able to do what he really wants to do. Whew. There are plenty of journeys these three take during the months together.

In the end the lesson learned is to follow your heart and passions, whether others want you to or not. And along the way you just might find something special. After all, “Things are not always what they seem.”

The Irish countryside is beautiful as it unfolds during the film. It’s gorgeous and is itself a great part of the film along with several additional characters that add to the story.

The bonus looks at the story and how the music and the characters each awaken their true feelings. This is a sensitive, fun, musical, and inspirational story not only for young adults but also for viewers of all ages.

Finding You could also be titled “Finding Me.” It is rated PG for language and thematic elements and is now available on DVD and Blu-ray and digital.

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