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Finding Christmas is really a fun little holiday film. Yes, the storyline is similar to that of the 2006 feature film The Holiday, but this movie has four delightful characters that make it enjoyable even though, as with most holiday films, it is predictable.


The plot takes place in two locations: New York City and Butter, North Carolina. Sean (Mark Lutz) owns a successful NY advertising company. He’s about to propose to his girlfriend Kimber when she decides they need a break from each other. On the advice of his assistant Mia (Cristina Rosato) he agrees to take a vacation. Mia tells him about house swapping, so he goes online to see what’s available.


In Butter, North Carolina, Owen (JT Hodges), a handyman and aspiring singer, just discovered his former girlfriend is engaged. He is devastated. So, in an impulsive move, he decides to put his house up for swapping. Well, you know what happens next. Sean and Owen swap domiciles.

Sean asks Mia to keep tabs on Owen while Owen is staying in his swanky New York loft, and Owen asks his sister Ryan (Tricia Helfer) to check in on Sean while Sean is staying in his house.


Ryan, a divorced mother of a young son, is an accomplished woman with her own veterinary practice. She has decided she is good at a lot of things, but not love.

Mia has a penchant for choosing boyfriends who don’t treat her well. She is a loving woman with a heart of gold, but doesn’t have anyone to really give it to.


Sparks fly between Mia and Owen, and between Sean and Ryan. Both men discover by expanding their horizons they can fulfill their hearts desires and their hearts.


While this is predictable, the characters are what make this enjoyable, particularly Owen. JT Hodges is a country music singer who adds his musical talent to the part of Owen. And let’s face it – he’s cute. There’s no doubt that once viewers see this movie, they’ll be checking out his albums and tour dates.


Finding Christmas premiers Sunday, December 15, 2013 on Hallmark Channel. This is a delightful holiday film. Enjoy!




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