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escapeMany people today were not alive when Berlin was a divided city. And those who were alive might have forgotten the inhumanity imposed by the communists on the people of Berlin. Most countries build walls to keep people out, but the communists built their wall around East Berlin to keep the people in. Escape from East Berlin is based on an actual event of a daring and dangerous escape by several people who desperately wanted their freedom.


When the wall went up, families were divided. It was a dark time in human history. One of those who desperately wanted to leave the east side of the city and get to the west was a young woman with a baby whose husband was caught on the western side of the city when the wall was erected.


The wall instantly divided families and those who attempted to cross over or drive through were shot. But there was a group of brave people who decided they would dig under the wall. Little by little they dug a tunnel from the basement of a house, while the East Germans patrolled directly above them. Since this house was located next to the wall, their job was both easy and more difficult. There were patrols ongoing but these brave people were steadfast in their plan. The thought of freedom was enough to keep them going, and going.


In January 1962, the wall was new, the people on the East were experiencing a strange and confined life, and the world was astonished that a city could be divided. But these brave 29 East Berliners were spurred on by the thought of living a free life without the constant threats imposed by the communists.

Escape From East Berlin was produced in 1962, just after the actual incident. Don Murray plays Kurt Schroder, the man with the plan. Kurt was apprehensive about it at first, but due to the heartfelt pleas of his family and friends to find a way to the west, he came up with the idea to dig under the wall.


Werner Klemperer, who later played Colonel Klink in the hit TV series Hogan’s Heroes (1965-1971), plays Walter Brunner, another desperate East German who only wanted to live in freedom.


Through the years there have been many movies about escaping from East Berlin. This one was among the first. People tried jumping off the wall, flying over the wall, driving through the wall, and digging under the wall. It was a time in history that showed inhumanity at its height.


Escape from East Berlin is a drama that demonstrates how clever and driven people can be when their freedom is on the line. It is not rated, however it is not appropriate for very young viewers.


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