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Epic is a beautiful fantasy film about a secret miniature world of people and critters that live in the forest. In high definition, the visuals are amazing and wondrous. The filmmakers, through the great technology of computer animation, developed a spectacular world filled with colors and characters.

The story begins when Mary Katherine, who wants to be called MK, moves to the middle of nowhere to be with her father after her mother died. Her father is preoccupied with proving the existence of a tiny world inside the forest. MK feels abandoned by not only her mother who passed away, but also by her father who doesn’t have much time for her.

Then something mysterious happens. While searching for her lost dog in the forest, MK is turned into the two-inch size of the inhabitants of the secret world.

The Leafmen are the warriors protecting the Queen, but when evil people who want to destroy the peace and calm and take over the kingdom attack her, she becomes a casualty of war. But, that’s not the end of life in the forest. Before dying, she passes “the life of the forest” to MK, who then experiences an amazing adventure among the tiny people.

Characters in the forest include the Leafmen Commander General Ronin (voiced by Colin Farrell), and Nod (voiced by Josh Hutcherson), a soldier who doesn’t always follow directions. There are also a fun pair, Mub and Grub, a snail and a slug. And let’s not forget the wise Queen, voiced by Beyoncé Knowles.

In the end, MK (voiced by Amanda Siegfried) learns to appreciate her father and his work in the forest. And they finally form a bond of love that has been missing for many years.

Bonus features include the physics of being tiny, and life at two inches tall. Viewers also learn about the real-life counterparts of the characters presented in the film.

Epic is an action/fantasy film and is part of the Fox Home Entertainment Holiday Collection. It’s rated PG for mild action, some scary images, and brief rude language.

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