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An all-star cast joins together for this memorable 2005 film. Elizabethtown is the latest release on Blu-ray from the Paramount Presents line of classic films. Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer, Jessica Biel, Alec Baldwin, Paula Deen and more bring this story to the viewers.

Drew Baylor (Bloom) is supposed to be a rising star in the corporate world but his new shoe is not the hit it should have been. It is more than a failure. It is a fiasco and going to cost the company almost one billion dollars, as his boss (Baldwin) keeps telling him. He is fired and loses his girlfriend (Biel) on the same day. Also on that day he gets a phone call from his sister (Greer) informing him their father died and their mother Hollie (Sarandon) is not coping well.

So Drew is sent to pick up his father’s body in Elizabethtown, Kentucky where he was visiting. The Baylors are a big family and all live in the town, with the exception of Drew’s family. On the plane a sullen Drew meets the flight attendant Claire (Dunst) who is an optimistic, glass half full, easy-going spirit.

Drew is united with his family in Kentucky and must deal with the funeral arrangements as well as his impending career blow-up (as soon as the story is released to the press), while coming to terms with the fact he and his father were not as close as they should have been. Then Claire comes into the picture again. A lonely Drew has contacted her and she decides to meet him and their relationship takes off.

Meanwhile, back home, Hollie is spiraling out of control. How will she cope without her husband?

Drew is neck-high in family and arrangements with only Claire to keep him grounded. The memorial service for his father is a highlight with Hollie telling stories about her life with her husband and finally coming to terms with her situation. Then a life-altering trip home is the icing on the cake as Drew finally comes to terms with his own situation.

This is a sentimental drama speckled with plenty of comedy. This new limited edition Blu-ray includes a special feature with writer/director Cameron Crowe who talks about how the story came to him and how it is an homage to his own family.

By the time the movie was made Orlando Bloom was already a star, having been in The Lord of the Rings films and the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Kirsten Dunst grew up in front of the camera having begun her acting career at the age of 3. Her performance in this movie is a highlight and viewers will enjoy her infectious optimism.

Elizabethtown is rated PG for language and some sexual references. This is not for kids. The subject matter is definitely for adults.

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