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descendantsWelcome to the world of Disney’s Descendants, an original Disney Channel film now available on DVD.


Twenty years ago Belle and the Beast took over the United States of Auradon, a place where all the good characters live. All of the villains were exiled to the Isle of the Lost and a barrier was put up so they could not escape. Life in Audadon is beautiful and happy, while life on the island is filled with chaos.
When Ben (Mitchell Hope), the only offspring of Belle and the Beast, is about to turn 16 and take his rightful place in the land, he decides to bring four of the children from the island over to Auradon to live and attend Audadon Prep school. Ben is idealistic and believes the kids of the villains are not bad. They should have a chance to experience life among the “good” people.

Ben selects Mal (Dove Cameron), Maleficent’s daughter, Carlos (Cameron Boyce), Cruella de Vil’s son, Jay (Booboo Stewart), Jafar’s son, and Evie (Sofia Carson), the daughter of the Evil Queen from the Snow White tale. The four are hesitant to leave their parents, however they are tasked by Maleficent with getting the Fairy Godmother’s wand (Melanie Paxson) and setting them free from the island. So off they go to Aurodon to make their parents proud. But once they experience what being good has to offer, they slowly discover they had been cheated out of so much during their lives – including love and attention.


These four young villains in training now must decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Will they choose evil or good?

Download Descendants Activity Sheets The bonus features on this DVD include a blooper reel that shows just how much fun the actors had during the production. There is also a look at “text” messages sent between the evil characters. OMG! The best bonus is a feature showing the dance rehearsals with the cast and choreographers, including the renowned Kenny Ortega who was responsible for the success of the High School Musical movies. Some of the actors had no previous dance experience yet when seen in this film it is like they had been dancing all of their lives. One actor says it was a “life-changing” experience. And the final bonus is a sneak peek at the upcoming Disney Channel animated series of shorts based on this film.
There is also a Descendants charm bracelet included in this pack.


The DVD is now available and is rated G for all audiences. While adults may enjoy aspects of the movie, it is mainly a teen and tween film for the young generation.


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