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The death of Princess Diana has stirred up several conspiracy theories, much like the assassination of President Kennedy. “Diana: Case Solved” is an investigative book into the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Writers Dylan Howard and Colin McLaren bring out many interesting facts and premises about the late princess and the investigation of her death.

There are many things included in this book that Diana followers will probably not have known prior to reading it. We all know that the princess had predicted her death by a car crash made to look like an accident. We all know that it took too long to get her to the hospital after the crash. We all know the paparazzi were taking photos of the passengers of the infamous Mercedes after the crash. But there are many important things we find out in this book.

First of all, Dylan Howard weaves together an impressive biography of the princess. Secondly, Colin McLaren, an investigator from Australia, adds his input of the crash and the investigation. He traveled to Paris to put together pieces to figure out what actually happened in the Alma Tunnel in Paris. He spoke with countless people, witnesses, police, and others. Together these men present some interesting facts about the princess, the royals, the witnesses, and the police.

What struck me was the fact that the tunnel was not preserved as a crime scene as would normally be done in the case of a high-profile accident. It was immediately cleaned and cleared as soon as possible and washed down. Any evidence was gone within hours and the tunnel was open again for drivers.

The French police immediately put the blame on the paparazzi, but this book does bring out many other facts that for most of us were previously unknown. And there are several things that just don’t add up. It is easy to blame an intoxicated driver, but there are definite facts that bring confusion to readers as they flip the pages and the story continues. Who would benefit from Diana’s death? There are plenty of people and organizations that benefitted from the princess’ death.

Did a flash go off inside the tunnel temporarily blinding Henri Paul as he drove into the Alma tunnel? According to this book, there was a police speeding camera/light positioned there, which could have done just that. Interestingly, that was taken away while the paparazzi were still there and the scene was unfolding.

Whether you believe this was an accident or something sinister was behind the crash, the book is an interesting read, however there are a few contradictions. With so much information to cover, so many facts and conjectures are presented.

In the end, both authors speak with the one person who was at the scene. This meeting is very telling!

“Diana: Case Solved – The Definitive Account That Proves What Really Happened” is an interesting look at Princess Diana and the aftermath of her death.

Publisher: Skyhorse
Hardcover: 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1510755039
ISBN-13: 978-1510755031

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