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Sometimes children of famous parents ride on the coattails of their mothers or fathers. But not Deana Martin. She is a singer in her own right and can hold her own in the music world. Her fourth studio album, Destination Moon, is filled with wonderful music for those listeners who enjoy good songs delivered with flair and personality.


The album includes ten songs from the past and four brand new songs: “Where Did You Learn To Love Like That,” “Stuck In A Dream With Me,” “Read Between The Lines,” and “Paradise.” These four new tunes combined with the classic songs create 46 minutes of listening enjoyment.


Perhaps the icing on the cake, so to speak, is a duet with her father, Dean Martin. “True Love” is Deana’s tribute to her parents and was created with her father’s recording making this a very special duet for both Deana and fans of both Deana and Dean Martin.


Bonnie Hunt, actor and writer, said of this album, “Listening to Deana Martin’s new album, Destination Moon is like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket of nostalgia.” That’s the truth. It’s an album that brings back the good old days of pop music with the big band feel.


Deana’s voice is sparkly and bouncy and is especially brilliant in the upbeat songs: “I Love Being Here With You,” “Beyond the Sea,” “Frim Fram Sauce,” “G.I. Jive,” “Nothing But The Best,” “True Love,” and the title track “Destination Moon.” Once you hear “Destination Moon” you will have a hard time getting that song out of your head. It’s a great number sung with the crisp, clean voice of Deana.


What is perhaps the sad part about this album is the fact that her father isn’t alive to hear it. Just think of the great music they could have created together.

Destination Moon is a CD I can recommend to anyone who loves a good old-time album. New and classic songs combine to create a collection of 14 tracks filled with music to entertain and delight listeners.



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