Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

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CG3_DVDHe’s back. That curious little monkey who is beloved by all ages returns for his third movie. “Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle” is another fun-filled adventure with a fabulous soundtrack. The music in this movie is just as entertaining as the story and the bonus features on the DVD include several sing-along tracks to get better acquainted with the upbeat new songs.


The story revolves around serious flooding in Central Africa. George is recruited to go into space to retrieve a special item that will help control the flooding. Ted (the man in the yellow hat) is worried about sending his monkey into space, but George passes the training with flying colors and wants to continue with the important mission. So, blast off with little George enjoying every part of the space mission in a way only this little fellow can – with curiosity and a playful attitude that ultimately leads to a crash landing in the jungle of Africa.


In Africa George makes friends with plenty of animals proving his sweet nature is still what makes him beloved in the animal world and the human world. This little guy is friendly, eager to help, and loving toward everyone.


When Ted finally catches up with George, they share African adventures as together they search for the space ship that still holds the unit needed to stop the flooding on the continent. Okay, so this part of the story is a little far-fetched, but the partnership between the two combined with the fun – and a little dangerous – adventures they share make their relationship stronger and enforce the love they have for each other.


John Goodman supplies the voice of Houston, the man in charge of the space mission and the man who recruited George because he was the perfect size to fit into the rocket. And yes, Houston does have a problem in this story. And Angela Bassett supplies the voice of Dr. Kulinda, an African doctor who doesn’t like poachers and who keeps a wildlife preserve in the middle of the country where George and Ted manage to find themselves and make new friends. Check out the friendly Gorilla and the banana-stealing bird as well as a lot of other animals who befriend the curious little monkey.


Welcome to paradise with Curious George as he traverses the wild jungle making friends and helping everyone in trouble. And yes, he ultimately does complete his mission and stop the floods in Africa.


With four fun sing-alongs (“Ordinary Superman”, “Welcome to Paradise”, “Beautiful Wild”, and “Together Forever”) families will be singing along and enjoying the colorful, fun-filled story with George, a monkey who transcends generations. This is truly a film for the entire family.


And everyone can join in the fun with the special photo app that lets you get in the picture with George. Say “cheese” or in this case, “banana”.


“Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle” is available on DVD and Digital HD June 23. “Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle” is rated G for everyone.