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If “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then Tiffany’s is her heaven. Tiffany’s is not only the premier jewelry store, with its flagship in New York City, it is also part of our culture. Crazy about Tiffany’s is a documentary exploring the impact of the Tiffany family on society and the world of jewelry, as well as the impact of the store on pop culture.

Even for people who aren’t interested in jewelry, this is a fascinating look at the art of jewelry, how important the store is to many people, and the love of this iconic place which was featured front and center in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and was where Patrick Dempsey proposed to Reese Witherspoon in the 2002 film Sweet Home Alabama. It was also where Charlotte and Trey got engaged in the TV series Sex and the City. Tiffany’s is synonymous with love, diamonds, engagements, and style.
tiffanysyankeesBesides creating absolutely amazing jewelry, Tiffany’s is responsible for designing the Vince Lombardi NFL Trophy. And the interlocking NY for the New York Yankees baseball team logo was originally designed by Tiffany’s for a police medal which years later became the logo for the team. So no, Tiffany’s is not only a jewelry store. And when you go to Grand Central Station, the blue ceiling is Tiffany Blue and the company designed the famous clock on the building. Tiffany’s is everywhere.
And let’s not forget about the famous Tiffany Lamps, which adorn mansions and lofts everywhere. The stained glass lamps are a symbol of quality and style.

But getting back to jewelry, Presidents of the United States have purchased items for themselves, their wives, and others from this store, including Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson (whose wife Lady Bird, had Tiffany design the china for the White House), and Barack Obama.
As for the grand lady herself, the famed Tiffany Diamond is 287 carats and has only been worn a couple times. It is on display and heavily guarded. This diamond has 82 facets, which make it sparkle and the quality is the highest, making it a beloved stone of diamond lovers everywhere.

If you think you cannot afford anything from the store, think again. “Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers” is a book that has been bought by generations of parents to help their children learn the dos and don’ts and rights and wrongs.

Actresses and their stylists head for Tiffany’s when preparing for big events like the Oscars. These women get first choice of designs to wear with their beautiful gowns. So the next time you watch an awards show, take note of the jewelry. There’s a good chance it came from Tiffany’s.

The most iconic color for any brand and packaging are from Tiffany’s. Do you know the famous “Tiffany Blue?” If not, you’ve been living under a rock. This color, designed for the company, is a robin’s egg blue with a touch of green. And the iconic blue box with the white ribbon needs no wrapping paper. Just the box alone is enough. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have something inside that sparkles!

Interviews with employees, actors, designers, socialites, art experts, writers, and others discuss the store and the jewelry, as well as the history element of the company. They combine to make this an interesting film for all ages.
Crazy About Tiffany’s premiers in select theaters February 19, 2016. It is enlightening, educating, and entertaining. It’s for all ages, but make sure you can handle the requests for jewelry when you take your little fashionistas to the movie!

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