'Come September' is fun for any month

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While Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida have top booking in Come September, the 1961 movie united Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin who fell in love while co-starring in the film. This aspect of the movie was highlighted in the 2004 movie Beyond the Sea about the life of Darin.

Come September is the story of a rich American, Robert Talbot (Hudson), who only uses his Italian villa one month a year, in September. When he’s there he and his girlfriend Lisa (Lollobrigida) enjoy an entire month together. But is that enough for her? After all, there are eleven months when she is on her own.

And speaking of the eleven months, unbeknownst to Talbot, his staff has been using the villa as a high-class hotel while he is not in residence. When he surprises them and returns in the summer they are at a loss as to what to do. They must hide their deception from him but still have some guests to attend to. There is a group of young women staying there with more guests on the way.

Putting two and two together, Talbot realizes what has been going on with his villa and insists the guests be put out and his major domo is fired. But when something happens and the young women have to stay for several more days, Talbot decides to make the best of the situation, although his romantic exploits with are put on hold.

A group of young college men were booked into the “hotel” but Talbot insists they cannot stay in his house. So they set up camp outside his gate. With young women inside the villa and young men outside, Talbot realizes how their hormones will kick into high gear so he appoints himself as their chaperone.

This is a whacky story with a fun cast. Lollobrigida is a carefree Italian woman in love with a no-nonsense American man, and yes, Darin’s character falls in love with Dee’s character. This film is cute but also known as the vehicle for the Darin/Dee love that led to their marriage.

Come September is not rated but is suitable for all ages.

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