Casper’s Halloween Special DVD

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Casper’s Halloween Special DVD

We all know Casper is a friendly ghost, and who can resist his adorable smile? In this Halloween Special Casper decides he wants to go trick or treating and be just like a real boy. So, the little guy puts on a mask and hat and heads out to experience the fun of childhood. Everything is going all right until the other ghosts and the witch decide to have some fun of their own.

Casper joins a group of orphans who are excited to have fun trick or treating. They don’t mind that he is a real ghost. The orphans are welcoming, but come up against bigotry when they enter the realm of the rich kids. They are treated like outcasts, and even more so when Hairy Scary and his gang start playing pranks on the grownups. The orphans get blamed for the mess caused by the ghosts.

The night proves to be fun in the end, as the orphans and Casper find a way to outsmart the ghostly gang.

This is a sensitive little story about wanting to join in and be among other kids, but being kept on the periphery. It’s a good lesson to all those who are not among the popular or rich crowd. The orphans show that fun can be had with a little ingenuity and a lot of desire mixed with friendliness and friendship.

A bonus on this disc is a half-hour animated Thanksgiving show featuring Jeremy Squirrel.

With Casper’s Halloween Special and The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t, this DVD is packed full of holiday fun for kids.


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