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The animated movie The Mitchells VS the Machines is now available on Blu-ray combo pack as well as a DVD. This is a very imaginative story with several aspects that will hit home for adult viewers, however it is also a fun adventure film for younger viewers.

The Mitchell family is, well, definitely weird and don’t have the close connection many families do. Katie Mitchell is creative and dreams of being a filmmaker. She spends all her time making movies (somewhat like Adam Goldberg on the TV series The Goldbergs). Her big dream is to leave her weird family and go to film school where she will be among others with her same goals and creativeness.

Her little brother Aaron is a dinosaur enthusiast and also a little strange. Linda is their mother and always sees the positive side of things, while Rick is the dad who has no common interests with either of his children. He doesn’t even know how to work a computer or anything about technology. What he does know is how to use a screwdriver! Their dog Monchi fits right in with the rest of the family. He is weird with eyes that don’t focus. To say they are the epitome of the unconventional family is an understatement, (SPOILER ALERT) but by the end of the movie that all changes.

The family takes off on a road trip to take Katie to film school. What happens between the time they leave their house and the time they arrive at the school is the entirety of the story.

The world’s biggest tech nerd and entrepreneur responsible for the technology driving the phones and Internet has come up with an even bigger technological advancement. He has created robots that do everything. But what he doesn’t plan is that they also band together and start taking over the world. Their goal is to eliminate all humans. So who can stop them? Yep, you guessed it. The weird Mitchell family bands together to save the planet and all humankind. They learn that working together and using each person’s abilities can ultimately be the saving grace for humanity.

Product placement is front and center in this story. Viewers might not look at their robot vacuum the same way again, or for that matter, their beloved Furby of days gone by. Technology has come a long way in recent years and big tech is taking over. Will they take over everything, as is depicted in this story?

The Blu-ray pack comes with many bonus features, as well as a little booklet about the story by the director.  There are two ways to view the movie. The first is the regular release and the second has extended scenes that are not finished or were taken out. Another bonus is the final chapter in Katie’s movie saga of “Dog Cop.”

There are plenty of other additional features including the original story pitch and a look inside the characters. What makes this film a little different than other animated films is that there are animations within the animations to add a little extra to the story and viewers get to see what the characters are thinking.

The Mitchells VS the Machines is rated PG for action and some language.

Parents – don’t be surprised if your kids ask for a Monchi plush after seeing this film!


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