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The Legend of Hei is an entertaining story that is a statement on humanity. It is done in the Chinese anime style called guoman.

Hei is a cat/boy spirit and really a cute character to watch. When he is forced from his home he finds another spirit named Stormend who makes him feel safe and gives him a new home. But when someone named Infinity kidnaps little Hei, Stormend vows to get him back.

Infinity is part of The Guild, a group that has kept the peace between humans and spirits. They live in harmony. Hei has the idea that Infinity is the bad one and he wants to get back to Stormend, the spirit he thinks is on the good side.

Little Hei goes through a journey that opens his eyes to the human/spirit relationship. As Infinity imparts on him, there are good and bad humans as well as good and bad spirits. Stormend is a bad spirit. But Hei refuses to believe that.

The Guild knows how to keep a low profile when among the humans and to keep humans safe from evil. Hei gradually learns about the good and bad aspects of both worlds.

Hei has great powers he knows nothing about. But he soon starts to understand how he can use his strength.

When the ultimate confrontation between good and evil, and between Infinity and Stormend, comes to a head, it is up to Hei to chose on which side he will be. He has love for Stormend, however when he sees that Stormend does not want to coexist with the humans, he makes his decision.

This is a nice story and something fans of anime will certainly enjoy. It is not rated and does have some scenes that might be worrisome to very young viewers so for that it should not be shown to the very young. The Legend of Heiwas nominated for several awards at film festivals in China and by the China Film Critics Association. While most fans of anime are familiar with the Japanese anime, guoman is very similar and the animation and scenes are beautifully done.

Hei is a sweet character that will capture the hearts of viewers of all ages.

The Legend of Hei is available on DVD and a Blu-ray Combo Pack.

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