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John Cena stars in Playing with Fire, a sweet, sentimental, and sensitive story with plenty of hearty laughs for the whole family. Most of the story takes place in a fire station – actually a smoke jumper station – with four tough smoke jumpers. Now add in three precocious children and there are bound to be laugh out loud moments.

Jake Carson (Cena) grew up in a fire station. He is following in the large footsteps of his father. Along with his three fellow jumpers (Keegan-Michael Key, John Leguizamo, and Daniel Cudmore), they run a tight ship. They are hard-core professionals. Then one night they rescue three children from a burning cabin in the woods. Brynn (Brianna Hildebrand), Will (Christian Convery), and Zoey (Finley Rose Slater) are brought back to the station until their family can be notified and retrieve them.

While at the station, the three cause plenty of chaos. And they also add plenty of fun and heart to the stoic locale. Zoey delights in playing tea party, Will manages to test every tool in the place, and Brynn tries to figure out what is really underneath the rough exteriors of the men.

As their time at the station runs on, the men begin to soften and they open their hearts to these three children. By the end of the film, all the chaos they caused is forgotten and the entire group becomes a new family. It’s a sweet story with some sadness mixed in. However, the ending will have viewers smiling.

There are plenty of bonus features. Besides deleted scenes, there are some fun bloopers. And a feature looks at how much fun the cast had while filming the movie. There is also a look at what makes a family. Families can be made of the most unlikely people, and in this case the firefighters and the kids make a pretty cool one. Another feature looks at the job of the real smokejumpers. These people parachute into some of the most dangerous places. Their strength and courage is often the difference between life and death.

Playing with Fire is rated PG for rude humor, some suggestive material, and mild peril.

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