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In 2000 Jane West published an inspirational book, “The Lonesome Pine”, about a little pine tree. Now that book is a movie and available on DVD.

The story of Georgie and her beloved tree is sentimental and sweet. When she was five her grandfather took her out and let her plant her own seed that would eventually become her very own Christmas tree. Georgie selected one very special seed and for the next four years she cared for that little tree. When it was time to take Piney home to be her very own Christmas tree, the little tree was accidentally taken away.

It took Georgie and her faithful dog Jackster, along with her grandfather, awhile to locate where Piney had been taken. Then there was another mishap. All the while the little pine tree was yearning to be dressed up with baubles and sparkles. He desperately wanted to be a Christmas tree.

With one mishap after another, would Piney ever get his dream of becoming Georgie’s Christmas tree or anyone’s Christmas tree? His adventures across the countryside gave rise to something even more amazing than being a sparkling Christmas tree. He ended up being, oops…spoiler alert!

There are bonus features looking at how the story came to be. Jane West decided to write a book after looking at a lot of leftover Christmas trees. They were perfectly good trees yet no one chose them. Her imagination kicked into high gear and soon she had the story of Piney. And now we have this delightful holiday story on DVD to enjoy every year at the holiday time. It is a fun, musical, and sweet story for the entire family.

At less than 45 minutes in length, it is a nice way to end the day for little kids. The film is not rated however it is suitable for all ages.

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