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She’s back! Maya the Bee returns with her best friend Willy for their third feature film. Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb is a fun adventure for the entire family.

Maya is an energetic, good-hearted little bee but sometimes she manages to cause havoc. That’s exactly what happens when she excitedly tries to wake up the hive for the first day of spring. But Maya and Willy accidentally cause a disaster in the hive and the Queen decides they should be separated. This disastrous duo can only stay together if they do something very special, so Maya and Willy set out to find something they can do that will endear them to the Queen.

They come across a green ant that entrusts them with a sacred regal orb. They are tasked to deliver it safely to a specific location. So Maya immediately and eagerly takes on this adventure unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Willy, on the other hand, is a little apprehensive. After all, he doesn’t have the courage that Maya has, but he does have a big heart.

They quickly discover the beetles that have moved into the area want the orb. The beetles and the ants do not get along, although the ants insist they can live together in peace. The beetles, on the other hand, disagree and want to vanquish the ants from their territory.

The orb turns out to be an egg and it hatches along the way. This adorable little baby is the ant princess and Maya names her Smooshy. Smooshy bonds immediately with Willy who at first dismissed the little ant, but soon falls under her spell. She is an innocent little baby and it’s up to Willy and Maya to get her safely to her family.

Along the way they face one obstacle after another, with the beetles hot on their tail. But knowing Maya, she will never give up until she delivers little Smooshy safely to her home. In the end, they all discover that the ants and beetles can work together and live together in harmony. This is all thanks to Maya and Willy.

Maya is absolutely adorable. She’s full of energy, love, compassion, and optimism. This third film in the franchise lives up to the others. It is fun, full of music, and entertaining for the whole family.

Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb is not rated however it is suitable for everyone. It is available on DVD.

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