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Kino Lorber has released two films starring 1960’s romantic comedy headliner Rock Hudson.

Man’s Favorite Sport?

Man’s Favorite Sport? is an adorable 1964 film with Hudson and Paula Prentiss. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments along with a fun story.

Hudson is Roger Willoughby, the top salesperson at a major sporting goods store. Willoughby is known for his expertise when it comes to fishing. He has guided many fishermen to trophies. The thing is, Roger has never fished a day in his life. He relies on feedback from his customers then passes the information on. He has written a book about fishing and through his deception has become known as a top fisherman.

Everything is going well for Roger until Abigail Page (Prentiss) and her friend Isolde (Easy) Mueller (Maria Perschy) come into his life. They have entered Willoughby into a fishing competition to help the local resort. While Roger tries to get out of the tournament and still keep his reputation, he is ultimately forced to take part.

Not only has Roger never fished but he has also never camped or done any outside activities. It is up to Abigail and Easy to help him save face during the competition.

There are too many comical scenes to describe. The entire movie is one laugh after another and definitely a show both men and women will enjoy. Hudson plays his usual adorable character with Prentiss following along as his new on-screen love interest. It is too bad they were not paired for more films. They are a great rom/com duo.

There is a new Audio Commentary by Filmmaker/Historian Michael Schlesinger with Select Remarks by Co-Star Paula Prentiss and Actor/Director Richard Benjamin on this special edition Blu-ray.


Strange Bedfellows

Two years after Man’s Favorite Sport? Hudson was teamed with Gina Lollobrigida in Strange Bedfellows. This is a cute show but not as entertaining and delightful as his 1964 movie.

Hudson is Carter Harrison, a successful businessman who meets Toni (Lollobrigida) and instantly falls in love. It is mutual and the two get married immediately. But when they return to earth from their love-induced blur, they quickly realize they are incompatible. They are complete opposites.

Toni is a bohemian artist who pickets and protests for all kinds of causes. Carter is a down-to-earth buttoned-up businessman. After seven years apart, they meet to finally get a divorce. But will their old feelings derail this legal proceeding?

There is a new Audio Commentary by Film Historian Eddy Von Mueller on this Blu-ray release.

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