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We all know that reading, singing, and talking to babies and kids is important. Books are an important element in everyone’s life, even in this time of computers and tablets. There’s nothing like holding a book and turning the pages. Bookroo is a great company that delivers books directly to your house. And because they’re yours to own, there’s no returning them to a library. How cool is that?

All you have to do is to select whether you want the Board Book Box for ages 0-2, or Picture Book Box for ages 2-6. If you select the Board Book Box, you’ll receive 3 books in each shipment. The Picture Book Box contains 2 books in each shipment. And each book comes beautifully wrapped. It’s like getting a fun present in the mail. Subscriptions are for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. You decide what is right for you. And you can cancel the subscription any time.

The books have been reviewed by a panel of 12 families. They rate the books and the selections are then included in the list of books for the subscribers.

Working with the company is easy. For instance, if you have kids in both age ranges and you do not want two subscriptions, let them know and they will alternate between the two boxes each time.

And because they have been so successful, the company is now trying out their Junior Box for ages 7-10, so if you want to test that out, just let them know.

To review this company, I was sent two picture books. They were each beautifully wrapped in gift paper and came with a little note explaining the books. And after checking the titles online, I discovered the retail value of the books together was greater than the price of the subscription! They also included a URL to continue the discussion of the books online and the webpage included activities as well.

By having their own books, kids feel empowered. They can touch them, take them in the car, and start their own library of books that they can pass down to their children in the future. And parents get the opportunity to see their child’s face light up with each new shipment.
Bedtime might become their favorite time of the day once they begin receiving new books. Reading to them at the end of the day is a pleasant way to put kids to bed. The stories and the illustrations are top notch.

According to First Five California, “There are three simple and free interactions that, when done daily, help boost your baby’s brainpower right from the start. Talk. Read. Sing. It changes everything®.” Babies and kids will benefit from these simple activities. And with their own books, as they grow older, they will continue to enjoy the stories over the years.

Not only do these subscriptions make a great addition to your own home, but they are also wonderful gifts. Check them out at their website. You’ll be able to check off several names from your holiday gift list.

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