‘Blush’ on Apple TV+ will touch your heart

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The short film Blush is a special one for writer/director Joe Mateo. It is a tribute to his late wife Mary Ann and if this sweet little film doesn’t touch your heart, you have a heart of stone.

The story is about a young horticulturist astronaut who crashes on a strange, uninhabited, little planet. Soon he has another visitor. This ethereal young woman also crashes her ship on the planet. She ends up helping the guy with his plants. She has a special way with living things. As their relationship grows they make the planet into their own Garden of Eden.

Soon the couple has two young girls and the entire family enjoys all that they have created. They are a loving and happy family of four. But something happens to shake up their idyllic life.

There is no dialogue in the short 14-minute film. There does not have to be. It is absolutely perfect just the way it is. It is interesting how animated characters can touch our emotions so deeply, but they certainly do.

SPOILER ALERT: This is a personal story for Mateo who lost his wife and made this film to commemorate their life, love, and show how he and his daughters healed after the loss of their mother and wife. It is a touching story that will undoubtedly bring a tear to viewers’ eyes or put a lump in their throats.

Blush can be seen on Apple TV+.

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