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I recently had a few days to myself so I did something I rarely do. I binged on TV. Actually, I binge watched True Royalty TV and now you can ask me any question about the royals. I cannot guarantee I will know the answer, but I definitely know a lot more than I did a week ago.

True Royalty is a screening service. If you have Apple TV it is just a click away. I couldn’t stop once I started. Not only do they have programs about the British royal family and its history as well as the current members, but there are insights into other royals around the globe that are highlighted in several of the programs.

Of course Meghan Markel, aka The Duchess of Sussex, has an entire section devoted to her and her hubby. There are plenty of programs about royal wardrobes, royal weddings, marriages, divorces, scandals, broken hearts, duty, and love. Besides learning about the current royals, the history of the British Monarchy is not only an education for those of us on this side of the pond, but also quite intriguing.

So why is it we are enamored by royalty? Perhaps it is because we like pomp and circumstance, but I think it is because we are intrigued by why there are still monarchs in today’s world. And the British monarch is not a ruling monarch. So why do the “subjects” pay for a royal family? What is it they provide?

That is a question that has puzzled me for ages. However it didn’t deter me from watching all about these people.

Disney has created a “princess” dream for us. And as the Disney princesses have evolved and become strong women, so have the real princesses. It is interesting to watch the evolution of “princessdom” from Princess Elizabeth (now Queen), to Princess Diana, to Princess Kate (now Duchess), and Princess Meghan (also a Duchess). Apparently being a Duchess is a higher rank than a princess. But the Queen is the highest. And as we see, it’s good to be Queen.

If you get a chance, check out True Royalty TV. It’s interesting and although many of the commentators describe how “difficult” it is to be in the royal family, I know many viewers will live vicariously through them. After all, who wouldn’t want all those incredible wardrobes, and let’s not forget about the crown jewels.

Coming up they have a look at Camilla, the woman who came between Charles and Diana, and who has changed the public’s perception of her through the years. She is a loyal companion to Charles and viewers get to know who this woman is. Look for that to drop on the service on August 1, 2019.

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