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It’s time to confess. Have you purchased a Beanie Baby at all or were given one since they hit the shelves in 1993? If so, then you are not alone. Beanie Babies took the country by storm and it was all the rage to collect these small stuffed animals. But how did this craze begin? You’ll be surprised.

Thanks to a few mothers in Illinois, the Beanie  Baby craze overtook the land. Not only were kids collecting them, trading, them, and enjoying playing with them, but adults got into the game. Adults became the biggest collectors of Beanie Babies and their popularity soared, thanks in a large part to these few women from outside of Chicago. 

The documentary, Beanie Mania, delves into the history of how the craze erupted and how these small stuffed animals became the sensation they were and still are – without the help of a large toy store or toy company supporting them. It’s an amazing story about capitalism and is a good demonstration of the “American Dream.”

Viewers will be in awe at how these stuffed animals grew to the popularity they have enjoyed, and how retiring some have caused the secondary market to surge. Collectors call stores around the country in attempts to track down specific Beanie Babies. This story is amazing, and shows how one man’s dream grew and became a major success. Ty Warner (the “TY” logo on the heart-shaped tag worn by every Beanie Baby) started with just a small amount of animals. Thanks to a group of women, this small amount grew and grew. 

The Chinese saw the popularity of this product and began producing fake Beanie Babies, and for a small fee, one woman is able to ascertain whether your animal is real or fake. Make no mistake, there are definitely fake Beanie Babies out there, but their worth is, well, worthless. Only authentic Beanie Babies hold their value and go up in price. And wow, do their prices go up, and up, and up.

Beanie Mania is now available to stream on HBO MAX. It could be time to check your attacks and garages to see if you have any Beanie Babies that are worth a small fortune. Cha-Ching!!

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