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Based on the true story of the turning point in the Korean War, Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite looks at Douglas MacArthur’s secret mission to infiltrate the Communist headquarters in the North and ultimately land UN forces at Incheon to liberate South Korea. This movie was made in Korea and has been dubbed into English for American viewers, having been a blockbuster in South Korea last summer.

Liam Neeson plays MacArthur who put together a group of Korean military men to infiltrate the Communists and clear the path for MacArthur and his forces. They face challenges around every corner as the group undertakes this dangerous mission, for which every one of them volunteered.

Neeson and the Americans obviously didn’t have to be dubbed into English, but all the Korean parts were. And the banners and signs that are written in Korean are subtitled, so viewers will understand what is on the screen.

This is a bloody and violent story, as the group encounters suspicion by the North Korean commander. Led by their desire to free their families and their country, the men know that they are tasked with a difficult mission, which for many of them will definitely be their final one. Nevertheless they continue to do their jobs and clear the way for the incoming invasion. Their hardest part is keeping enough of them alive long enough to complete their mission.

The 1950 surprise attack by MacArthur was ultimately the battle that would lead to turning the tide and freeing South Korea. With 261 warships and 75,000 UN Troops, MacArthur was successful and gained the momentum to push back the North Koreans until eventually they were met by the Chinese, which forced them to revert to the 38th parallel. This fight was about the spread of Communism and President Truman was not going to allow the Communists to take any more land than they already had. MacArthur insisted his plan to take Incheon was the best way to go and in the end he persuaded Truman to go along with it, which resulted in the successful battle. The General wanted to liberate North Korea as well, but when they encountered the Chinese in the north they pulled back.

The war lasted until 1953, however it was the brave unsung heroes of Operation Chromite who cleared the way for success. The odds of the mission succeeding, with the infiltration and MacArthur’s subsequent landing, were 5,000 to one. They got the one!

Many of us aren’t as familiar with the Korean War as we are with other wars. This movie adds some clarity to the situation and is dedicated to the men and women of Operation Chromite.

Battle for Incheon: Operation Chromite is rated R. The violence does not make this suitable for young viewers. It is, however, an interesting story for older viewers and shows the dedication of the freedom fighters as they lay down their lives for their country.

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