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amc1Kimberly Elise stars in the inspiring and amazing story based on the actual story of Angela Logan, a woman who was about to lose her home but who used her talent and ingenuity to save not only her home but also her family. Apple Mortgage Cake will not only amaze viewers, but also leave them feeling happy and maybe a bit hungry.


Angela is a 40 year-old divorced mother of three boys. She is active in her church and the local high school’s activities. She also volunteers at a local charity that helps women get back on their feet. This is a woman who looks after everyone and soon discovers that she is in need of a little help herself.
With her house having been damaged by a flood and a storm, and the contractor having absconded with the money she paid him, Angela learns that her home is going to be foreclosed on and she is about to lose the one house she has ever known. As hard as she tries, she cannot find a way to earn the $4000 she needs to keep her home. She has two weeks to raise the money or she and her sons will be evicted.


With the help and advice of someone from her past, she decides to try to raise the money by selling her amazing apple cakes. If she can sell 100 – at $40 each – she will be able to pay the mortgage.




Melvin (Kevin Hanchard) knew Angela years earlier and they were good friends. Now he is back in her life fully committed to helping her and her family. But Angela is too proud to take any help from anyone. She is even scared to enter into the romantic relationship Melvin is pushing for. Her independence stands in her way. She is committed to getting through this desperate situation by herself. Well, with just a little help from Melvin. And some from her sons. And maybe from her friends.


The local news picks up Angela’s story and soon she is a big success. This is definitely a fun story and leaves viewers feeling satisfied and encouraged. And take it from me – someone who has sampled the delicious cake – viewers will want to order one for themselves. Near the end of the film will be a discount code to order a cake.


At a recent press conference, Kimberly Elise and Angela Logan discussed the made-for-TV movie with members of the Television Critics Association.


“I bake a lot. I cook a lot. I’m a vegan and so I make a lot of my own food. And so it was very natural to go in there and bake and have this experience,” Elise told the gathered journalists.


As for the woman on whom the story is based, Angela Logan explained, “I bake every night practically. And we’ve been baking for the past five years. We do farmers markets primarily. We sell to restaurants and to specialty stores.”


When asked what she felt while watching the filming of the movie, Logan confided, “It’s very difficult for me to watch that without crying.  And I was talking about the fact that every time I watch Kimberly do a scene, you’d think after the third take, I’d stop crying.” She added, “Watching it in third person is very difficult because I’m reliving a lot of the things. It was a very difficult time. It was a very painful time. And Kimberly made it true to life. She brought it all back. The film and the writing, everything, directing, brought it all back. It was very difficult to watch scene by scene without tears.”


Yes, some dramatic license went into making the movie, but the story is true. The people are real. The cake is delicious. And the movie is endearing.


Apple Mortgage Cake premiers on UP Sunday, April 20, 2014.



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