Angelina Ballerina: On With The Show DVD GIVEAWAY

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The stage is set for big performances and lots of fun! When Ms. Mimi loses her voice, her class finds ways to communicate through music. After a musical mishap, AZ doesn’t miss a beat and discovers another way to keep tempo. Gracie learns an important lesson about finding inspiration and Angelina and Polly set the stage for a perfect celebration for their dad. Come along as Angelina and the mouselings let their creativity shine and get on with the show!

Episodes Include:

·       “Angelina’s Musical Day”

·       “Angelina and the Bandleader”

·       “Angelina and Ms. Mimi”

·       “Angelina’s Kitchen Band”

·       “Angelina and the Father’s Day Surprise”



·       Angelina’s Picture Game

·       I Will Be a Star Karaoke Music Video


To be eligible to win a copy Angelina Ballerina: On With The Show, email us at [email protected] with “Angelina Giveaway” in the title. Please supply your name, address, phone number and email address.

The Deadline for this giveaway is January 30, 2014.