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Evergreen-ChristmasCharleen Closshey stars in this homey and heartening holiday story. An Evergreen Christmas is, at its heart, about family.


Evie (Closshey) long ago left her small Tennessee town of Balsam Falls to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. After all these years, her career has never taken off and she is the gofer for a snooty pop star. Her boyfriend Chez (Jake Sandvig) is a self-absorbed actor. When Evie learns her father passed away, the two leave L.A. and head back to Tennessee for the funeral.


Upon arriving back home, Evie discovers the Evergreen Tree Farm, owned by her father, is financially insecure. Her feelings about being home are mixed. She starts to feel the warm feelings of the small town and at the same time, the stress of having to keep the farm afloat.


Her former boyfriend Adam (Tyler Ritter) is around to give her support, but her current boyfriend Chez is hounding her about getting back to California. He mocks everything about the small town. To put it bluntly, he’s a pompous jerk.


Evie’s brother Thomas (Brantley Pollock) is resentful of his sister for leaving, and he is protective of the farm. The family dynamics play out beautifully in this film.


“No father should have to ever live to bury his son,” states Pops (Robert Loggia), Evie’s grandfather, who supplies the sense and sensibility to the family. And his wife Honey (Naomi Judd) helps maintain their grounding, and their stomachs. “Nothing like a good meal to warm your soul.”


At the heart of the story is family. Family is what matters, as Evie finally figures out. Throughout her inner turmoil she must face her past and her future. Should she sell the farm? Should she return to California? Does she belong in a small town? Is she still attracted to Chez? Is she still attracted to Adam? All these questions and more are answered in this quaint family holiday film. And, there is music as well as drama.


An Evergreen Christmas takes us all back home to our roots. It’s rated PG for thematic elements and brief language.


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