Aladdin Diamond Edition Combo Pack

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AladdinTwenty-three years ago Disney’s Aladdin transfixed audiences with the exotic tale of a young urchin who uses the power of a genie to win the heart of princess Jasmine. For the first time Aladdin is available in High Definition on the Diamond Edition containing both a Blu-ray and a DVD as well as Digital HD.

Several characters in this film have captured the hearts of both young and old. Of course, there is Jasmine, a Disney princess. And let’s not forget Aladdin, the young lad who gets involved in trickery and love. And there is Abu, his pet monkey. There is also the magic carpet with a personality of its own, Jasmine’s father the Sultan, and the evil Jafar and his parrot. But the one character most memorable through the years has always been the Genie.

Robin Williams made the Genie the unforgettable character he is. Through Williams’ comedic talent the Genie is beloved by young and old. Impersonations, one-liners, and plenty of energy infuse the Genie with love and even life. Whether he is impersonating Ed Sullivan, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, or others, the Genie is always fun to watch. One of the bonus features in the Diamond Edition includes a look at the Genie’s impersonations. There is also a feature with plenty of outtakes from Williams. This man was truly a comedic genius and listening to Williams unleashing all his talent for this character is hysterical.

In the bonus features viewers will learn about the difficulties involved in turning this beloved film into a stage play. Aladdin is now a successful musical comedy, but it didn’t get there overnight.

And did you know that Jonathan Freeman is the only person who has supplied the voice of Jafar in not only the film but also the play and the toys and games? For 24 years this man has been Jafar.
aladdindollA fun bonus feature uncovers the hidden Disney characters that are seen – if you look quickly and closely – in the film. Did you know Sebastian from The Little Mermaid makes an appearance in Aladdin? Also the film pays homage to Belle’s Beast. Directors Don Clements and John Musker make animated cameos. Plus there are some hidden Mickey ears in the film. Can you find them?

The music in the film is memorable and a bonus feature shows how some of the songs that didn’t make it into the movie did manage to survive in the stage play.

The newest addition to the Disney Consumer Products Animator Collection is Aladdin. He is only the second male character to join this beloved collection coming on the heels of Kristoff from Frozen. With Jasmine already a popular doll in this collection, the addition of Aladdin will not only be enjoyed by girls but also boys.

Disney’s Aladdin is rated G.

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