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The Disney Channel TV movie Adventures in Babysitting comes home on DVD. The bonus on the disc is a blooper reel and there is a free magnetic picture frame included in the DVD box.

The story is about two very different girls who join together for one night of adventure and chaos. Jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) is a straight-laced, type-A personality girl who takes her babysitting responsibilities seriously. Lola (Sofia Carson) is a free spirit with no penchant for responsibility. After their phones get accidentally switched, Lola responds to a babysitting job in Jenny’s absence. All she wants is to make extra money and thinks this is an easy way to do it. What she discovers is that babysitting is far from easy. While Jenny is babysitting for one family, Lola is “babysitting” for another, but without much success.

Lola is a complete disaster as a babysitter. After one of the boys under her care sneaks out the window to go to a concert in the city, Lola and Jenny, along with the other kids under their charge, take off after him. The whole bunch encounters a night full of danger and confusion.

While Jenny is trying her best to keep all the kids together and bring them home safe and sound, Lola is soaking up all the excitement, however she soon discovers that she needs to take this seriously. While Lola is having a good time, Jenny is worried about her reputation as well as the safety of the kids. These two are very different girls.

Once everyone is together, their next task is to get home before the parents. But how can they do that when the SUV they “borrowed” from one of the mothers was impounded? Now they need to get the money for the impound lot and also get back home to the suburbs before the parents. It’s one thing after another as the whole gang traipses through the city.

When they manage to get the money (which in an ironic twist unwittingly comes from one of the parents), they now must get back home and clean up the SUV and even the house, which is a complete mess thanks to Lola’s prior irresponsibility.

The outcome of the night of adventure has a positive effect on the kids and even the babysitters. Lola learns about responsibility and Jenny learns not to be so wound up. Throughout the film there are references to the 1987 iconic film of the same name.

Playing the eclectic bunch of kids are Mallory James as a very young fashionista who wears her mother’s diamond earrings that night, Nikki Hahn as a shy teen, Max Gecowets as the boy who sneaks out of the house, Jet Jurgensmeyer as the junior chef, and Madison Horcher as the tomboy roller skater and roller derby fan.

The final song, “Wild Side,” is sung by Disney Channel stars Carpenter and Carson.

Adventures in Babysitting is rated G for the whole family.

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