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A Piece of Cake is a sweet (pun intended) animated story of family, acceptance, and love. Elfkins, little gnome-like individuals have been living underground away from the human world for over 200 years. They believe the humans are bad and must stay away from them. But Elfy, a bumbling, klutzy little Elfkin thinks otherwise. She decides to leave the security of the Elfkin world and venture up to the human world so she can learn a trade. After all, Elfkins must excel at something and so far Elfy has yet to find what her talent is.

Elfy’s friends Butz and Kipp end up accompanying her into the human world where they are amazed at everything the humans have built. They meet Chef Theo, a grouchy baker whose bakery is going bankrupt. His brother Bruno owns the competing bakery. If Theo doesn’t get enough money by the end of the week, Bruno will take the little bakery for himself. He has ulterior motives.

Elfy and her two companions are fun loving and always upbeat. They coax the story out of Theo about the family feud that separated the two brothers. So the little trio decides to help Theo bake enough pastries to sell to earn the money he owes his brother. A long time ago, more than 200 years ago, Elfkins helped humans. Now Elfy decides it’s time to help the humans once again.

The pastries will undoubtedly have viewers yearning for a cupcake or two while watching this story. The movie was produced in 2019 and might be the catalyst for future films with the little Elfkins. They’re kind of like Snap, Crackle, and Pop as well as the Keebler Elves. They are handy, when it comes down to it. And even though she has had a tough time finding her place in the world, Elfy is an adorable character.

A Piece of Cake is rated PG for some rude humor. It is available on demand.

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