A new ‘Highway to Heaven’ brings back angels, hope, and love

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From 1984-1989 Michael Landon starred as angel Jonathan Smith in the popular TV series Highway to Heaven. Last Christmastime Lifetime aired a new movie with the same title starring Jill Scott as angel Angela, with Barry Watson as Bruce who support to Angela, only after he gets over the shock that she is an actual angel. The movie is now available on DVD and Digital so viewers can watch this inspiring and heartwarming show at any time.

The original series was a family-viewing event every week in millions of homes. Watson admitted, “ It just seemed like the world needs a Highway to Heaven right now.  Everybody needs something that I think can maybe kind of like lift them up and maybe help them move beyond kind of where they’re stuck in the past maybe.”  Indeed, with what we have all been through regarding the pandemic as well as the current state of world affairs, this is a good time for some uplifting stories. While the show will not be a weekly event, Lifetime has said they will produce a series of movies.

The show does not go into specific religions, however faith is a big part of the storylines. As Scott acknowledged, “My grandmother introduced prayer to me.  And that has been a portion of my life since as long as I can remember.”

Many of us have had experiences we simply cannot explain. We have been guided in a specific direction and maybe in those cases it was an angel leading the way. Who knows for sure? But it is definitely nice to think that angels are looking out for us.

When asked about this, Watson answered, “I do believe in angels.  I believe that there are souls out there that watch over us.  I actually do.  That’s my belief.  I think that’s probably what’s got me through some of my toughest times of my life is having this universe of angels kind of looking over me and hopefully guiding me in ways I don’t know.  Even when I think I’m never gonna get out of something.  I feel like if you believe, you eventually kind of will get through it.”

Scott agrees and admitted she also believe in angels. “What I know is that people in my life, personally, have showed up and strangers that do kind things that have directed me in a different way than where I was headed.  I’ve missed gunshots.  I’ve missed fights.  I’ve missed being robbed by seconds, minutes, moments.  And I really believe that my grandmother has been a portion of that, that she’s — and all of my ancestors — just guiding me.  If that means angels to some people, then so be it.  For me, yeah.  Angels and ancestors. … So, yes, I believe in angels.”

This first movie focuses on a young student who is having a difficult time since his mother passed away the previous year. Angela steps in and with the help of her “boss” aka God, steers him in the right direction and gets him back on a good path.

With the state of the world, it is perhaps the best time to bring back a show, although it is a reboot, that is uplifting, inspiring, touches the heart, gives hope, and ends up being a feel-good experience for the entire family. Amen.

Highway to Heaven is now available on DVD (no bonus features) and Digital.

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