‘A Life Among Whales’ is a fascinating story and important lesson

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Dr. Roger Payne is an activist and biologist who has dedicated his life to the survival of whales. This has not been an easy task because humans have yet to embrace the fact that other species are valuable to not only the planet but also to the human race. A Life Among Whales is the story of Dr. Payne and his dedication to educate the world about whales and their fragility in the ecosystem.

For many of us it seems natural that we would want to save the whales, yet there are those who have no hesitation or guilt to brutally kill the magnificent creatures. And the manner in which the animals are killed (or brutally assassinated) is shameful. To learn about this is quite frankly nauseating, yet it is important. We must all learn that there are those who do not take the sanctity of these animals’ lives to heart.

Whales are marvelous animals. They are smart and have been known to save humans. So how can people kill thousands of them and continue to do so? This is a question that needs to be addressed. And Dr. Payne has taken the steps to educate the world about the lives, history, and wonders of the whales.

Payne is responsible for discovering Whale songs. Whales do sing. And a bonus feature on the DVD has two tracks from his landmark album “Songs of the Humpback Whale.” This is fascinating and should awaken or stir the emotions of people. And once the majority of the population realizes the greatness of whales, perhaps we will join together in a worldwide effort to finally save them. That is Payne’s hope.

Time is running out. Although it might not seem like a dire emergency, it truly is. This documentary is something that should be shared to all generations even though there are some brutal scenes. It is important for everyone to learn about the whales and also about what mankind is doing to them. Imagine a world without whales.

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