‘A Fan’s Guide to Hawaii Five-O” by Cheryl Hollar – Book Review

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Author Cheryl Hollar has penned an interesting book for fans of the two TV series Hawaii Five-O and of TV history. “A Fan’s Guide to Hawaii Five-O” is an “unofficial” guidebook to the two shows. It’s clear that Hollar researched extensively in order to bring plenty of interesting tidbits to readers.

In 1968 a little show hit the airwaves. With a powerful opening sequence and memorable theme song, Hawaii Five-O didn’t quite take off with viewers in the beginning. But it soon caught on with interesting and unforgettable characters, tag lines, and stories and scenery that brought viewers to Hawaii every week. It remained on the air until 1980. In 2010 the show was rebooted with a new cast however the scenery is the same and the theme song, although a bit bouncier, is still one of the most memorable tunes on TV today.

Hollar brings readers into the heart of the show and all the actors. There are so many facts woven into her narrative that it a fun read for anyone interested in the shows and TV itself. Do you know how the series got its name? Most people might assume that Five-O is the actual name of a police division in Hawaii. But they would be wrong. It was named Hawaii Five-O because Hawaii is the 50th state.

The show has insinuated itself into pop culture and culture all together. Cops are often called “Five-O,” and the phrase, “Book ‘em Danno” is a definitely well recognized axiom.

Hollar has infused many facts into this book. She even describes how the “big wave” shot in the opening came to be. Readers get to know about all aspects of creating the show and how it weaves into the locations and names in Hawaii. Information from and about writers, directors, locations, actors, names, and plenty of photos combine to make this a book every fan of the original series and the rebooted series should have. The actors from both shows are looked at in detail as the author creates a well-rounded guide to all aspects of Hawaii Five-O. This is a backstage pass into the world of two iconic shows. It’s apparent that Hollar is a devotee of the show and brings her exuberance to the pages of this book.

Paperback: 116 pages
Publisher: Tomahawk Press (October 9, 2017)
ISBN-10: 0956683487
ISBN-13: 978-0956683489

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