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Yes, this story has been done over and over again and viewers are well acquainted with the girl whose father dies leaving her to live with her evil stepmother and stepsiblings. This particular incarnation has one thing other films with the same premise don’t have and that is Bailee Madison. She is the one aspect that makes A Cinderella Story: Starstruck endearing for younger viewers. The story is simplistic for older viewers, however younger ones and teens will be delighted with the peppy actress and all the farm animals that bring delight to the movie.

Madison, who has grown up in front of the cameras and in front of our eyes since she began acting fifteen years ago, plays Finley, a young girl in a small Idaho town who now lives with her stepfamily. She loves to sing and dance but is relegated to doing all the chores around the farm while her selfish stepfamily boss her around. She is even relegated to sleeping in the barn with the animals, which are really much better company than the humans living in her farmhouse.

When a movie company comes to town to film a musical version of Billy the Kid, Finley desperately wants to audition, but her family overrules her. One thing leads to another and she discovers she can audition anonymously. Actually, she takes a clue from Victor/Victoria when she transforms herself into a man and tries out for a male part. Even as a male who goes by the name Huck Finn, Finley wows the director and other actors and gets a part in the film.

One disadvantage of masquerading as a man is that while she and the star of the film, Jackson (Michael Evans Behling) are working together, they form a great friendship. But he only knows Huck and doesn’t know Finley. Well, actually, he gets to start a friendship with Finley but she has a difficult time juggling her role as Huck with her own life while still doing the chores at the farm. But if anyone can do it, it is Finley. She is a peppy, adorable young woman who has a heart of gold.

Madison is well known to TV viewers having most recently costarred in the Good Witch series on Hallmark Channel. She has several other TV series credits to her name as well films. She began in the industry when she was a mere six or seven and viewers have seen her grow up and mature through the years. She is a delight to watch in any role she undertakes.

There are two bonus features on the DVD. One looks at the animals who make appearances in the movie. Finley loves all of the animals and they are endearing, especially Jon Hamm, her pet pig. The other bonus looks at the making of the film and the musical numbers.

A Cinderella Story: Starstruck is simplistic but as stated earlier, it is a fun story for younger viewers. It is rated PG for some language and suggestive material.

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