‘A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits’ on DVD

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A little twist on the Cinderella tale has Sofia Carson in the role of Tessa, a kind-hearted girl with an evil stepmother and two self-absorbed stepsisters. Tessa is forced to accompany her stepmother Divine (Jennifer Tilly) and her daughters Athena and Olympia (Amy Louise Wilson and Jazzara Jaslyn) on a vacation to a luxury resort where they are going to try out for a role in a play with pop-star Reed West (Thomas Law) who will be playing the Prince in a musical fairytale of Cinderella.

If this sounds like it has been done before in a similar story, it has – many times. But the story of Cinderella is one that is uplifting to viewers in any form it takes. This version is unique in that it brings singers/dancers/actors of today together with a modern touch.

Tessa is a brilliant mechanic. She is also a fabulous singer and dancer. Her family knows about her grease-monkey aptitude, however they are unaware of her other talents.

While at the resort Tessa is relegated to a small room under the steps (Harry Potter style) while her family takes beautiful suites. She makes new friends among the staff and is talked into audition for the play. Knowing her stepmother won’t allow her to do so, she goes to the audition made up to look completely different. Unlike her natural brunette hair, she wears a blonde wig, colored contacts, and takes on a British accent and goes under the name of Bella Snow.

If you guessed that she gets the part of Cinderella, you’d be right. But she also is asked to help Reed fix the motorcycle. So she is doing double duty, and no one except the makeup artist knows about it. Reed thinks he is falling in love with Tessa, a grease monkey who wears overalls and gets down and dirty with the bike, and is costarring with Bella, a proper British girl who is a fabulous singer and dancer. Tessa has a hard time juggling her duties to her stepmother and her time working on the bike, not to mention rehearsing and costarring in the play.

In this movie are several song and dance numbers, which add the modern touch to the film. Bonus features on the DVD include two music videos, a feature on how the wardrobe department outfitted the various characters, how Tessa’s two identities were created, and a lesson on how to dance the popular dance in the film – instructed by Thomas Law.

A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits is rated PG for some mild rude humor.

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