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This new Blu-ray edition of the musical A Chorus Line doesn’t have any additional features, any special effects, or anything other than the amazing music and compelling story.


After originally seeing A Chorus Line as a play, I was concerned how it would transfer to the screen. Although many thought otherwise, I felt the filmmakers did a great job adapting the play to a film. The 1985 movie included the wonderful music by Marvin Hamlisch and a cast who embodied their on-screen personas. Okay, so I admit that experiencing this story in a live theater instead on film adds to the enjoyment because of the storyline, I do enjoy watching it and the new Blu-ray edition is a keeper.


The film takes place in the space of one day as a group of gypsies, aka dancers, vie for one of eight parts in a new Broadway musical. Their personalities are exposed through the film, as are their insecurities and personal dramas. While the director (Michael Douglas) does his best to whittle down the lot to get to the final cast, the dancers sing and dance their way through almost two hours of musical yet dramatic moments.


There’s Connie Wong (Jan Gan Boyd), Diana Morales, (Yamil Borges), Richie Walters (Gregg Burge), Paul San Marco (Cameron English), Sheila Bryant (Vicki Frederick), Al and Kristine DeLuca (Tony Fields and Nicole Fosse), Judy Monroe (Janet Jones), Maggie Winslow (Pam Klinger), Val Clarke (Audrey Landers), Greg Gardner (Justin Ross), Cassie (Alyson Reed), and more who are all competing for the parts. Plus, don’t miss the verbal and visual nuances of Terrence Mann who plays Larry, the dancer in charge of the group. Each one of the characters has an interesting and unique background, but they all share the love of dancing. What could be better than dancing? Dancing is their lives.


While the viewers root for them all to make the grade, it comes down to the final eight. But that’s life in the theater. Some people win and some lose…parts.


An interesting fact is Nicole Fosse, who plays Kristine DeLuca, is the only child of famed Broadway choreographer Bob Fosse. Her mother was Gwen Verdon, the talented actor/dancer who appeared in many plays and films.


The story would not be as great without the superb music by Marvin Hamlisch. His tunes are fabulous, and even after the final titles roll, viewers will still be humming the melodies and singing the songs.


A Chorus Line is rated PG-13. There are some sexual references.


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