‘100% Wolf’ is an adorable animated family film

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100% Wolf is a fun story for all ages. This animated story focuses on love, family, and friendship.

Werewolves are not the ferocious killing beasts people think they are. They save people from dangerous situations, but they always stay out of sight. Wolves do not like dogs and vice versa. They are enemies. Freddy Lupin is the son of the head of his pack, but when his father is presumed dead, Freddy has to wait six years to be of age to take over for his dad. In the meantime his power-hungry and ruthless uncle takes his place.

When he turns 13, Freddy is ready to become a wolf. His first “Transwolfation” is an event the entire pack celebrates. But Freddy is not transformed into a wolf. He becomes a cute little poodle. This little fellow knows he has what it takes to lead the pack, and must prove it to everyone, especially his evil uncle.

Freddy takes off to retrieve a special moonstone that was taken from him when he was a small boy. If he can get it then he can return it to the pack and prove he is an asset and has wolf cunning and bravery.

While trying to locate the moonstone Freddy is befriended, albeit reluctantly, by a streetwise dog named Batty. She has had her own rough life and is wary of Freddy’s strange behavior. But they become a team and ultimately come to the help of each other and of the entire dog pound where the duo is taken after being captured by the local dogcatchers.

This little pink and white poodle has the heart of a wolf but his exterior doesn’t match his instincts. Freddy also discovers that the tiny dog in the pound is also a fiery soul. Freddy has his new group of friends, but will they still be friends when they finally learn he is a wolf?

There are plenty of songs in the film and the story is adorable as are the characters. The animosity between the wolves and the dogs is something that must be overcome in order to save them all. And not judging another by his or her exterior is a good lesson for everyone.

100% Wolf is adorable and is a movie the entire family can watch together.  It is rated PG due to some perilous scenes. It’s available to stream and on DVD and Blu-ray via Redbox.

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